Nonconforming Bridal Fair Venue Selected

March 9, 2011
We are happy to announce the venue selected for The Nonconforming Bridal Fair.  Join us on May 1st, 2011 at ARTiculate Gallery in Washington, DC.  ARTiculate Gallery is is a unique and accessible downtown nonprofit gallery providing creative environments, opportunities, and experiences connecting VSA Washington DC ARTists, established artists, and aspiring artists, with the DC metro arts community.

Learn more about ARTiculate Gallery at

The Nonconforming Bridal Fair Gets A New Mascot

January 1, 2011
There are a vast array of nontraditional brides, way too many to be captured by one or even ten pictures.  Old, young, rich, poor, black, white, gay, straight, modern or classic are all words that can describe a nontraditional bride.  And even a "traditional bride" can have a very nontraditional wedding.  The options are virtually endless!

So when seeking to decide who (or what) embodies the character and essence of a nontraditional bride, we went with a very nontraditional concept. Meet our v...
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What's This Nonconforming Stuff All About Anyway?

November 18, 2010
What exactly is a nonconforming bride?  A nonconforming bride is the bride who dares to be different or a bride who is not represented in the pages of glossy bridal magazines or at bridal shows.

A nonconforming bride can be anyone.  Maybe you're not interested in wearing the traditional white wedding dress, maybe you want off-white, pink or red.  Maybe you love the idea of the traditional white gown but prefer to seal your vows with a tandem bungee jump instead of a kiss. Maybe you're a mature...
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Nonconventional Vows

November 16, 2010

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