What exactly is a nonconforming bride?  A nonconforming bride is the bride who dares to be different or a bride who is not represented in the pages of glossy bridal magazines or at bridal shows.

A nonconforming bride can be anyone.  Maybe you're not interested in wearing the traditional white wedding dress, maybe you want off-white, pink or red.  Maybe you love the idea of the traditional white gown but prefer to seal your vows with a tandem bungee jump instead of a kiss. Maybe you're a mature woman who has traveled the world and never even thought about tying the knot until you found the one that made your heart skip a beat.  Nonconforming brides can be straight or gay, young or old, black, white and everything in between.

It's fun being different!  It's your wedding day, your party...celebrate how you want!  You may even be planning a very traditional wedding but are looking for that special something to add to your festivities. Maybe you're planning a green wedding or a destination wedding.  For the nonconforming bride, the sky is the limit (literally)!!